Customizing your Heirloom

In this blog I will explain how to customize your embroidery idea.  Under the cutomize category you will find many embroidered squares, choose what you might want and then email me at maryelizabethanne.mbp@gmail .com and you and I will put it together just the way you want it.  Your blocks can be made into a wall hanging, a table runner or a quilt, it is your choice. You may also want personalized blocks – such as one about the birth of a baby, or wedding date with bride and grooms names, or anniversary block again with dates and names, or maybe you just have a favorite saying or prayer you want embroidered.  Another possibility is that you want to match a design to your quilt or wall hanging etc. – just send me a picture of the design and I will digitize a block to match. For example you want a bridal shower gift and you want it to match the invitation, or a new mom has chosen a theme for a baby’s room and you want it to match, these things are all possible.

Once you have all your blocks decided, then you have to decide how you want them put together.  Do you want a quilt that is 4 blocks across and 5 down  that measures 35” by 44” or do you want a large wall hanging that is 4 blocks across and 4 down, or just a 1 block wall hanging, or a 7 block long table runner. Or a 4 block square table topper. You may also order an unfinished block (meaning raw edges) and then you take it and have it framed.  As you can see the possibilities are endless but doable.  I will help you with ideas and layout once we have conversed through email.  Also I will send you pictures along the way for you to approve.

Just look through my finished embroidery heirlooms to see what you might like and we can go from there.  I also have pictures of custom work that I have done that I could share with you.

Usually what happens is you and I get your designing done and then I will set up a payment for a deposit for 1/2 the cost and then the final payment will come when the heirloom is finished and ready for mailing.  This usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of blocks you have chosen.

It is fun and exciting to give a personalized heirloom as a gift for others, or one for yourself! Now go design that heirloom!

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