Where to start?  Maybe with some nouns: wife, mother, daughter, aunt, and sister; along with designer, embroiderer, digitizer, painter – in short – artist.  Very common ones but with deep underlying meaning for me.  My family are why I am able to explore and express my creativity!  They may role their eyes but they are always by my side.  I am now fortunate enough to be able to spend 24/7  in my studio.  I have taught kindergarteners to seniors citizens over the course of my career, and every age has its joys.

I enjoy creating, but more, I enjoy having someone to create for and who will cherish the outcome. I have taken old family wedding gowns, making them new for daughter/granddaughter to wear on her wedding day; or making a christening gown from a family wedding dress; or…  Old to new – or I call it -recycling love!  I also find pleasure in making that one of a kind piece that will make you feel special or a one of a kind gift to give.  That is what this website is all about.

My blog called Studio News, will give you more information on what I may customize for you. So always feel free to contact me and ask what I might be able to create for you!  It will be my pleasure!