My segment on Better Connecticut!

So Monday, March 18th,2019 I did a segment on TV for Better Connecticut about quilting since it is National Quilt month.  I was not real nervous until I could not clear my throat to talk!!  Kara Sundlun realized that a bit into the segment and gave me a moment to adjust and then I was OK!  It will never be just right in my eyes but…

It was fun and they asked if I might come back and do some other segments, so we will see if that happens.  The above address is where you find the actual video.

Customizing your Heirloom

In this blog I will explain how to customize your embroidery idea.  Under the cutomize category you will find many embroidered squares, choose what you might want and then email me at maryelizabethanne.mbp@gmail .com and you and I will put it together just the way you want it.  Your blocks can be made into a wall hanging, a table runner or a quilt, it is your choice. You may also want personalized blocks – such as one about the birth of a baby, or wedding date with bride and grooms names, or anniversary block again with dates and names, or maybe you just have a favorite saying or prayer you want embroidered.  Another possibility is that you want to match a design to your quilt or wall hanging etc. – just send me a picture of the design and I will digitize a block to match. For example you want a bridal shower gift and you want it to match the invitation, or a new mom has chosen a theme for a baby’s room and you want it to match, these things are all possible.

Once you have all your blocks decided, then you have to decide how you want them put together.  Do you want a quilt that is 4 blocks across and 5 down  that measures 35” by 44” or do you want a large wall hanging that is 4 blocks across and 4 down, or just a 1 block wall hanging, or a 7 block long table runner. Or a 4 block square table topper. You may also order an unfinished block (meaning raw edges) and then you take it and have it framed.  As you can see the possibilities are endless but doable.  I will help you with ideas and layout once we have conversed through email.  Also I will send you pictures along the way for you to approve.

Just look through my finished embroidery heirlooms to see what you might like and we can go from there.  I also have pictures of custom work that I have done that I could share with you.

Usually what happens is you and I get your designing done and then I will set up a payment for a deposit for 1/2 the cost and then the final payment will come when the heirloom is finished and ready for mailing.  This usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of blocks you have chosen.

It is fun and exciting to give a personalized heirloom as a gift for others, or one for yourself! Now go design that heirloom!

Recycling Love

I started sewing when I was in middle school – 50 years ago!  One summer my friend’s mom offered to teach us both how to sew and I fell in love!! Since then I have learned how to embroider, design, pattern draft, weave – some while I was in college for fashion design,  through reading or working it out myself or from some very talented people. I still love it today and am fortunate to be able to have a studio in my home.  This is where I spend my days now.  Quite Enjoyable!

I have been asked to make many things and about 10 years ago a friend and daughter asked me to make the daughter’s wedding gown using my friends mother’s wedding dress.  Without seeing the old wedding dress I said yes.  Kait wanted a white wedding dress.  Kait was much taller than her grandmother so she was unable to wear the actual dress.  Well, was I surprised when I saw the dress – it was from the 30’s and had not been preserved, just hung in a closet here in the northeast.  Temperature change and time had done a number on it.  It was quite yellowed and like paper – it ripped so easily!   I did some reading to find out how to work with the fabric of the old dress and then met with Kait, mom and grandma to design the dress and tell them what could be done.  Kait was on board but grandma was quite hesitant,and that put some pressure on me.  Some of the dress was unusable due to having holes. Since Kait wanted a white dress and we were going to need quite a bit more fabric, I designed her drekaitlynss with inserts of her grandma’s dress fabric.  There was an insert in the bodice, a pleat in the left front of the skirt, and then the train was mostly grandma’s dress fabric. The first thing I needed to do was stabilize the fabric – I experimented and then found the right fusible web to strengthen it. Once that was done, I wondered what to do about the yellow color.  Could not bleach it or apply any chemicals since that would just eat at the fabric. So I decided to machine embroider it completely with white thread; that really stabilized it some more and in most of her pictures, you can hardly tell.  When the dress was completed, grandma wanted to come see. To say the least, I was nervous.  She stood there for a bit and then started to shed a few tears; finally she hugged me and thanked me.  Everybody was pleased!  If you look at the picture carefully you can see a slight color change in the pleat area of the skirt on the right side of the picture, but it really was all about the love between grandma and granddaughter.

I have been asked to do this a couple of more times since then. I have become more confident about doing it as I have gained experience. One of the other dresses I did was for a bride that found a dress that still had the tags on it at a consignment store.  She fell in love with the lace on the dress but the bodice was quite outdated.  I took all the lace off the bodice and reconstructed it, and applied all the lace back on.  It looked like a whole new dress!

My most recent was to take a grandma’s wedding dress from the 80’s and make it into a christening gown for her granddaughter.  The dress was in very good shape but because the dress was Qiana (a man made knit) and the lace was probably a natural fiber, they aged different colors.  The dress was slightly grayed and the lace was yellowed.  There was a lot of fabric to work with and I was given free reign!  Again I stabilized the fabric with a lightdoreen fusible web and then started machine embroidering.  I used 3 colors of thread, incorporating a
very light gray, slight creme color and then white, that worked to unite

the piece.  She was a pretty baby!
bottom christeningcelia

I design, embroider, and sew many, many creations, these are the most enjoyable because they are made of love and from love!







AHH Website just about finished

Having this website has been a long time in coming!  Please understand I am not quite finished.  I have watched way to many you tube videos, searched and called on friends to get the site this far.  Doing it myself, when my mind does not work this way, is quite difficult. At least, though, what is left to do is loading up products – taking and editing pictures, writing about each product, pricing etc.  All things that I know how to do, for the most part; just a bit time consuming.  So I am asking for your patience as I go through the final process.  After that, come visit and visit often.  I am going to try and write at least once a week about what I am working on in my studio or whatever I might deem worthy of you knowing about.  I am a teacher at heart and love to share knowledge and ideas. Even in my “golden years” I continue to love learning myself!  Finally, please ask me questions, so I am able to write what you want to know that I know! Enjoy your week and live in the moment.